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Enter your school details to calculate your potential student retention increase and savings by adopting Upswing software. Whether your students could use an academic boost with tutoring support, online advising help from your advisors, or a way to connect with professors via online office hours, Upswing can help.


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You're currently losing {{roiValues.lostStudents | number:0}} students and {{roiValues.lostTuition | currency:"$":0}} worth of annual tuition dollars due to student attrition.

Many factors can lead to students dropping out of school - financial issues, family priorities, academics, and lack of motivation are just a few. Many of these reasons are difficult to pinpoint and affect, so a focus on preventable attrition is an important first step.

With Upswing, you can save up to {{roiValues.upswingStudentsRetained | number:0}} students and {{roiValues.upswingCostSavings | currency:"$":0}} worth of annual tuition dollars as a result of increased student support.

By focusing on improving student retention in addressable areas like academics, advising, and early alert tracking, Upswing is able to help colleges make an immediate impact in student retention and success. Schedule your demo today.

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See how Andrew College has been able to increase student performance by an average of 20% by using Upswing's student success platform.

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